Tulum, Mexico 77760
  • 36 SQFT
  • 1 BED
  • 1 BATH
Status: Active

Tulum, a region known especially for its history and culture, because in the past it served as one of the main commercial ports in the Mayan civilization. Currently, this ancient city is visited by millions of people from all over the world, who come to discover the mysticism that still surrounds its archeological zone and who seek to reconnect with nature.

This is how Chaac was born, a unique development in its class, which wishes to wrap its guests in a completely natural environment that will take them back in time. Chaac, in the Mayan culture, represented the God of rain and it is precisely this element that will predominate among the spaces of this project.

The inspiration? The desire yo give tourists the opportunity to choose apartments with different views, among which a panoramic view of the Mayan jungle stands out.

Its contemporary architecture seeks to create open spaces, intercommunicated with each other through walkers; and use the materials and colors, such as wood and chukum, that identify our family of condominiums, and that will give it the characteristic rustic look of Tulum.

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