About Tulum

Avg Work Commute

17.6 minutes

Average Monthly Salary

The average monthly salary in the fourth quarter of 2018 was of $56.7k MX (The data presented is available to Quintana Roo, since there is no representation at the municipality level)

Median Age

26 years

Median Sale Price

Schools & Education

In Quintana Roo, the institutions that concentrated the highest number of students in 2020 were Universidad De Quintana Roo (10.1k), Instituto Tecnológico De Chetumal (6.69k), and Universidad Interamericana Para El Desarrollo (5.01k).

The same year, the most demanded careers in Quintana Roo were Law degree (3.45k), Bussines managment’s engineering (1.9k), and Bachelor of Medicine (1.42k).



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